Review Reblog – Tattered Kaylor ~ Sombre nay Sated

This week’s playlist #102 is Artist Alphabet letter E and it gives me a good reason to catch up and discover new artists. This lead me to this older review from ACL regarding the sound artist Tessa Elieff / Tattered Kaylor.

a closer listen

cover_1000Australian sound artist Tessa Elieff (Tattered Kaylor) has created and curated many workshops, festivals and sound installations over the past few years, but her recorded discography (including last year’s debut album Selected Realities) is expanding her reach to a global audience.  Sombre nay Sated, released on World Listening Day (July 18), gives listeners a metaphorical window into the rooms of some recent installations.

Elieff’s fascination with perception as it pertains to “sonic realities” was put to the test on this recording, as none of the three pieces were meant to be confined to the studio.  As frequent visitors to performances and installations can attest, depth, space and movement are key factors.  In many cases, a sound cast in one room is meant to be echoed in another.  How then does one translate such an environment to a stereo experience – one that will itself be…

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