Review Reblog – Talugung / _blank

We need no swords

talagungPower Moves Library CD-R and download

These could be the songs of creatures who live in the moon, a gradually unfolding tapestry of silvery tones that balances charming polyphony with a gleaming metallic physicality. Cooing whines merge with ferric scrapes to create something at once familiar and strange, lunar ballads seeping through the wall of sleep. Or, perhaps, they are a stream of sound-waves generated on the fly by electronic means, the clusters of notes and noises birthed from the wiring of a patch, the twist of a potentiometer, the swipe of a finger on a screen, simulacra of a junk orchestra from depths of a hard drive.

Talugung / _blank marks the first CD-R issued by Toronto’s Power Moves Library, an imprint more accustomed to limited run cassettes. As with the tapes it’s a lovely thing, a thick recycled paper envelope with elegant artwork containing a home-stamped CD-R and a…

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