An Album a Day pt3

For the past couple of years I’m Gary (@noyokono) on twitter has a challenge for February – MWE
“Music Writer Exercise: Each day in February, listen to 1 full album you’ve never heard, from start to finish. Write one tweet about it. #MWE
Ok, I’m no writer and although I listen to a lot of music everyday, this does spur me to listen to new discoveries. I did this last year and I’m attempting it again and here are next 9 albums –


MWE#13 – How Dance should be –  Hypnotic rhythmic earworms of wonderful noise – Plus Instruments – Trancesonics by Truus


MWE#14 – Disorientating the listener with destructive sound manipulation – Facies by Bella –


MWE#15 – Soundtrack to dense sonic nightmares – The Sleep in Opera by Ocean Viva Silver


MWE#16 – Like the weather it’s changeable with many layers of light + shade. Remain Calm – Mica Levi & Oliver Coates

MWE#17 – Defies easy categorisation but disparate elements combine into an avant garde delight. Headphone listening  –  Canned Fit – cucharas de arena (pyr139)
Canned Fit.jpg

MWE#18 – Europop meets dark ambient and where anthemic joyous mixes belie a very serious subject. Arms / Remixed by Mary Ocher.

MWE#19 – Real Spacemusic which is a feast for the ears – Lunar by Madeleine Cocolas

MWE#20 – The sound equivalent of a flickering TV as you channel jump incessantly – ces by florconvenas 

MWE#21 – Sparse fragile static and radio conjure images of windswept shorelines – at waters edge by Lyn Goeringer