Review Reblog – Marlo Eggplant: Callosity

We need no swords

callosityFractal Meat Cuts cassette and download

There’s a vulnerability to even the noisiest of Marlo Eggplant’s work that places it in a different sphere to your common or garden noise mucker. A relatively simple set up – reverb, distortion, voice, contact mics and the occasional plucked thingamajigs – nevertheless offers a palette dynamic enough to build compositions in which light and shade, density and space, fragility and strength are held in a precarious balance. 2010’s Internal External builds dense waves of white noise that are always on the verge of obscuring plangent vocal calls and delicate instrument sounds gasping through the murk. A dub-like use of reverb on cuts such as Industry vs Inferiority adds hazy, juddering clouds to the machine roars, creating a disorienting sensory whirl. On Cumulus, from 2015’s Jutted, emptiness manifests itself as an almost physical presence. A plaintive zither echoes as if in the middle…

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