Review Reblog -Kate Carr ~ endings

After a difficult year for many – 2016, Kate Carr, in both sound and context of this release, does demonstrate that there is hope in creativity.

a closer listen

kate_carr_fcoverKate Carr is a global sound student.  Her journeys, both physical and metaphorical, have opened her ears to the possibilities inherent in space-based sound: the ability to pinpoint a sound to a specific location, as well as the threads that connect related sounds found in different locations.  endings is a tribute to places and things left behind: countries, friends, years.  On this album, she collects various pieces from her travels, revisiting and re-contextualizing her experiences.

When listening, one track seems unlike the others; but watch the video (below) and everything makes sense.  “A long meditation on airports (no fire/fire)” frames the blur of travel: rain-soaked windows, yearnings, arrival and departure charts.  And over it all, an announcer who seems at first comforting but eventually clueless:  “there is no fire in the building”, then “please leave the building immediately.”  The dichotomy of “fire/no fire” summarizes our thoughts of travel as dangerous/alluring.

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