Reblog – Spools Out Radio -My Female Tape Artists Twitterstorm (The Good Kind)


Over in Twitterland there’s been a conversation about the perceived lack of women artists on Tape releases from all genres. This developed into a good healthy discussion and suggestions, which resulted in this article.
Check out the links and discover some great new artists and Tape distributors too.
Many thanks to Spools Out for posting the question in the first place. The resulting answers have been positive : )


Spool's Out

(featured image – Daphne Oram performing live back in the day)

So dear listeners, as I was perusing my incoming cassette tapes pile, I noticed I hadn’t a single plastic cassette that hadn’t been made by a chap/dude/bro. It’s not the ideal situation to have to do so, but I took to twitter to see if the social media hive mind could quickly solve my tape-based inequality problems, and tweeted the below:

I was far from disappointed by the resultant wave of recommendations, so thought I’d quickly chuck a load of the recommended artists and released I received into this very blog post…

Richard Hopkins of Feral Tapes jumped right in to tell me:

Here’s some music from the Maurice’s Death…

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