Reblog – Feminatronic interview

Out of the blue, I was asked if I would talk about Feminatronic and a few thoughts on some very important issues. It ended up quite a long read (it could have been longer). It’s presented in the inimitable style of YIKIS but it’s turned out better than I hoped and it spreads the word : )

Thank you YIKIS for asking me to do this. Also, for supporting and highlighting some diverse and eclectic female artists on your site who I may never have come across and may never have been able to spotlight.

Yeah I Know It Sucks


Perhaps you have heard of Feminatronic, a website that is worth to be bookmarked as your eyes and ears will be receiving an almost unstoppable stream of interesting artists, music, articles and documentaries. To make it even more special; they all happen to be female. It’s in fact a celebration to them who make electronic music of all sorts, and for a music consumer it is also a celebration as the diversity and quality will always set you to discover one new thing after another.

1 ^ these childhood friends are discovering things

Some people might think but why only females? It’s a good and reasonable question perhaps as why not a mixed crowd of electronic music and sound artists of all kinds? I believe it has to do with that unfortunately there is tons of electronic artists out there, but it seems to be a very male dominated world…

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