Weekly Theme – Electroacoustic

This week the theme is Electroacoustic music, spurred on by a series of articles in New Music Box. Firstly, The Opportunity of Electroacoustic Musicology

Closeup image of an old patch-cord synthesizer

and secondly, Alice Shields’ thoughts on Electroacoustic music today –

-Structural and Playback Issues in Current Electroacoustic Music | NewMusicBox:

Photo published for Structural and Playback Issues in Current Electroacoustic Music

Playlist#27 highlights Electroacoustic artists. This is just the tip of the Iceberg as the range of music creation covers everything from Tape, Minimalism, Music Concrete, Sound Art and Installation to name a few but all are using electronic sound production and applying them to compositional practice.
Artists on this playlist are –
Caroline Park, Marina Vesic, Miki Yui, Delphine Dora and Bruno Duplant, SonicBright, Marlene Radice, Olivia Block and Julia Teles.