REBLOG – Listen: Pieces of Juno – ‘Valentine’

Earlier in the week, when covering one of the latest tracks from Dream Wife, we apologised for missing the boat a little when it comes to Valentine’s Day-related musical material. Well, we have to apologise a second time (shame on us). Though to be fair, the latest track by Pieces of Junoisn’t exactly, directly, totally related to Valentine’s Day, it just happens to have a bit of a wordy connection to it.

But enough of our apologetic guff. We’re here to talk about the latest track from the Norwegian’s new instrumental EP Frisson, which comes out later this month on all-female collective KOSO. Kine Sandbaek Jensen has moved in all kinds of directions with her electronic project but from the sounds of ‘Valentine’ she’s continuing to experiment on this new collection. Starting out as a slow burner with a classical guitar lick, it soon gets taken over by some…

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