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Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: p0stm0rtem
title: NIPPOP
keywords: experimental,japan,abstract,ambient,avantgarde,pop, electronic,improvised, korea,leftfield, Toronto
reviewer: Willem van O.

Music can be anything, and everything. Sometimes it might be even so much everything and anything that it turns into a complete thing of its own. This is a way to describe the music captured on this release here by p0stm0rtem. You probably had heard of her as some of the reviewers out here tipped this artist as the potential winner of artist of the year. but as they are all a biased bunch, I wanted to check it out with my own honest ears. hope you will stay with me and appreciate this rare effort.

my notes on the first track are barely a couple of scribbles, but yet enough to knit a few sentences from. the abstract electronic experimental music has something minimal to it, but more importantly it gave me (according to my noteā€¦

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