REVIEW REBLOG – Green Shadow – green shadow sings the songs of green shadow

Elizabeth Veldon is an artist that Feminatronic has followed from the early days of the site but for some reason this review passed me by. Now is the time to make amends.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Green Shadow
title: green shadow sings the songs of green shadow
keywords: experimental, avant-garde,electronic, noise, United Kingdom

Green Shadow sings the ‘all noise is silence’ song, which covers exactly what the title suggests, minus perhaps the singing. Or perhaps it is indeed sung, but just through unconventional ways. In any way the ‘all noise is silence song’ does deliver enough noise to become silent again. It’s a fascinating theory, and if you (like me) had strolled through the popular harsh noise wall memes on a certain social platform, you might even have seen visual proof of an extreme version of this conceptual thought and experiment.

Someone took a HNW track, placed it in an audio editor and enlarged the volume up, and up until only visual silence was left. This is a good example of a victorious miracle that is of a ‘try it yourself at home’ kind…


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