Initial Recordings

Really interesting to read about the thinking process and practice of these field recordings and look forward to the development of these sounds.

Hayley Wanless

I have really enjoyed recording different soundscapes!
It has been strange starting my project through this form of physical research as opposed to written research.

These recordings have helped me notice that I am especially interested in peoples voices within the soundscape. It is interesting how we can block out other noise such as music or cars in order to listen to someone else conversation. We are able to snap out of our thoughts and capture pieces of information from other peoples lives.

Walking around with the Zoom Recorder is especially odd because it blocks out any noise that you may hear usually and allows you to listen to even the smallest of sounds such as my bag moving whilst I am walking. It is a really crisp sound when recording, it would be interesting if I could attempt to do something with this effect.

I am excited to see what…

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