Sa DingDing: Alive – Album Review

Although this is not strictly Feminatronic fayre, many thanks to Pon De Way Way Way for educating me to the joys of Asian Pop Electronica over the past weeks. Here is Todays Discovery – Hey it’s Friday : )

Pon De Way Way Way

I often review music with lyrics not in the English language but this is the first time I’ve reviewed an album that really fits the genre of world music. Sa DingdingAlive was  Dingding’s debut, aside from an early dance album, and it made a big splash all around the world. From what I can gather it was successful in her native China and her victory at the BBC world music awards led to media coverage in the UK, performances at WOMAD and the Royal Albert Hall (a date at Glastonbury was derailed by Dingding’s refusal to go against China’s stance on Tibet). Though she is far from a household name Sa Dingding did achieve enough success in the UK to have her second album stocked in my local HMV, not a store renowned for its leftfield musical choices. All this on the strength of one album, so what’s all the fuss…

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