cétieu ~ Into the Light

Courtesy to A Closer Listen for this review.

a closer listen

LightInto the Light is a sanctuary for soft colors. Peach, vanilla, cinnamon, the whitest of white chocolate; cétieu (Poland’s Tekla Mrozowicka) has already made our end-of-year lists and she is now one of Europe’s leading lights. Her music isn’t tainted in any way, shape or form. Everything is pure, innocent and lovely. Ambient should always be this way; unobtrusive and yet calming the body, mind and spirit, glowing radiantly whilst blanking out the petty dramas of the day. It’s one of the reasons why we listen to and love ambient music; we can escape. It doesn’t fear, it doesn’t hate. All is love.

The ambient tones are crystal clear, and they shimmer like a thousand gemstones as the sun lights upon the surface of a shallow rock pool. Slightly introverted, it lives solely for the pleasure of living, and it enjoys being alive. Everything gels together, but the piano is the true leader. It slowly…

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