Golden Diskó Ship ~ Invisible Bonfire

a closer listen

SM046LP016_frontThe music of Theresa Stroetges (Golden Diskó Ship) is beautiful, beguiling and bold.  Why can’t more pop music be like this?  Simultaneously more accessible and intricate than 2012’s Prehistoric Dance Party, her latest work cements her reputation as a dynamic composer.  The “one girl orchestra” does it her way, and her talent pours from these grooves.  Invisible Bonfire is lush and intimate: complex in design and personal in nature.

While Prehistoric Dance Party included one obvious single (“Girl in a Slower Ghostship”) among a host of pleasing concoctions, Invisible Bonfire works better as a full album.  After a few plays, potential singles begin to stand out; after a few more, one realizes that nearly every track has a sneaky sensibility, with at least one segment that works its way into the subconscious: the late guitar riff of “these thoughts will never take shape” (4:44), the onomatopoeia…

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