THEN WHY NOT? A Christmas message from Feminatronic.


Someone recently asked me why Feminatronic is what it is?

When I told them that I preferred to write music rather than the written word and anyway I didn’t feel or want to comment, or make judgements on other peoples creativity, they gave me what I took as a positive moniker – Feminatronic acts as “soft PR” for female electronic artists from all genres and styles.

Of course,I not only plug female artists but also sites, releases, reviews, radio stations, videos and try to cover all genres and styles. In fact anything that I feel may be of relevance, interest or just spreading the word. This is a massive task and a constant work in progress.

Feminatronic is at least, eclectic and If I can give a little helping hand then why not?

Thanks to all who have visited Feminatronic, here, on Facebook and Twitter and who have read, followed, RT and supported my soft approach. In the long run it all goes towards getting the word out there that there are many great electronic (and I use that loosely) artists.
Thank you.
Have a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes to you all for 2015