Soundwalk styles roundup

))) sound reflections

I think it’s fair to assume that if you follow this blog you will know what a soundwalk is. But for those unfamiliar with the term: this fun and interactive practice essentially involves a small group listening, and sometimes recording, while moving through a physical space at a slow walking pace.

Soundwalks can be powerful tools when used in creative and educational contexts, as they take everyday elements such as familiar soundscapes and the action of walking, and focus the attention of participants to events and structures (be it geographical, architectural or even social) that are often ignored. I like to use them often in my work, and also find myself going back to soundwalking even just to rediscover sounds I feel I’ve grown too accustomed to.

It can easily be argued that there are as many soundwalk styles as there are recordists, but recently I have come across a couple of interesting variations on the theme, which…

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