It’s a little early but Feminatronic will be focusing on the letter B for the month of March 2023.

Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes –

It’s 2023 and I’m taking stock this year and seeing how far I’ve come on my sonic journey, especially as it’s my 10th Anniversary year.
To make sure that I’m giving space for as many artists as possible and to try and discover new one’s, Feminatronic will be focussing on Artists alphabetically throughout the year on all platforms.
Here is an updated playlist for the letter B(pt1)…

As with all the playlists, they are jumping off points to discoveries. Just let some of the tracks play onto the next….follow up on “sounds like”….see who’s following, many artists follow other artists….

Artists are Louis and Bebe Barron, BLEIE, Blankets,Natasha Barrett, Beast Nest,Loise Bulot,Sandra Lanuza Badarji,Anna Bo, Tullia Benedicta, brthln glnds, Georgina Brett, Bad@Maths, Louis and Bebe Barron, Sarah Boothroyd,Bohemian Cristal Instrument, Myriam Bleau, Zoe Blade, Ka Baird, Cecile Babiole, Sophie Birch, Rose Bolton, blechdom, BAASSIK, Rachel Boyd, Lea Bertucci, Noemi Buchi, Washett Bader, Patricia Bizzotto, Nguyen Baly, beeks, Ami-Bique, Martina Bertoni and BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM.