Today’s Discovery –

I’ve been thinking for a while about these posts. What do I mean by Today’s Discovery?

I don’t want to come across all knowing because I am not.

When I post my Today’s Discovery’s they are releases or artists that I just happen to stumble across and I like what I hear. It’s a personal choice and not an expectation that everyone will like my choices.

Like everything on Feminatronic, it’s just a small way to try and show how much is being created in a multitude of ways….and it never ceases to amaze me.


So Today’s Discovery is this split release of experimental noise –


Side A – Jelena Glazova –
Rīga based artist and poet Jelena Glazova has been producing music since 2010 and regularly performing live since 2012, playing many different festivals including Sound around Kaliningrad, Noise and Fury, Poetronica (Russia), Vilnius Noise Week (Lithuania), Skaņu Mežs (Latvia), Art’s Birthday (Sweden) and Vienna Art Week (Austria), and resided as a guest composer at EMS Stockholm and WORM Rotterdam.

Side B – Marta SmiLga
Marta SmiLga is the project of Līga Smirnova, a Rīga based musician who lives for electronic music. Using her collection of modular synths and electronic instruments she generates deep and immersive cosmic soundscapes that drag you into their gravitational field, like matter to a black hole. Although a newcomer to the Rīga scene she has already participated in a number of shows around the city and also the Zyklon Mannaz festival. This is her debut release.

released May 31, 2017