Review Reblog – Phantasm Nocturnes – Ehoes From The Abyss

Since it’s Halloween….

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Phantasm Nocturnes
title: Echoes From The Abyss
cat: Petroglyph 053
keywords: dark, experimental, noise, drone, ambient, psy-electronic
label: Petroglyph Music

When the first tones crawl in your ears it’s a mist of foggy darkness. Slowly creepy electronic swamps appear where mutated frogs and other creepy crawlers are hiding out in the wet and damp environment. At the end it feels like this atmosphere has come out of an magical didgeridoo with special transporting powers. “Awakenings” is more visual than a nature program on discovery channel!

The bewildering nature of darkness shaped by the artist is not going to let you run for the nearest exit. The soundscape surrounds you and keeps you exactly where it wants you to be. Trapped in a mysterious world of abnormal darkness that is fascinating as well as it sounds dangerous. The giant depth that has been created over here feels like…

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