REVIEW REBLOG – dalot – mutogibito [n5MD]

Stationary Travels

The experience of being a parent, or even just the prospect of it, can endow one with a profound 360-degree view of life, a fluid consciousness that is simultaneously nostalgic for the past and acutely sensitive to the present, while focused keenly on the future. On her latest full-length record as dalot, Greek-born experimental musician Maria Papadomanolaki has distilled this life-changing awakening into captivating musical form with mutogibito now out on n5MD.

While her previous solo effort on the label, Ancestors (2013), looked almost solely backward through a melancholic ambient/modern classical lens, mutogibito is a much brighter, even playful, album that is multi-referential on a number of levels and finds her embracing multitudinous musical influences and experiences with a vibrant forward-looking optimism.

In Mutogibito, it is frequently difficult to tell who is actually the composer: Dalot herself as a sound artist in 2016, the teen Dalot music collector of the late 90s, the abstract and yet unformed…

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