REBLOG -joan la barbara vocalizing the alphabet on sesame street in 1977

This is somewhat strange for me as I used to watch Sesame Street and always loved the songs (and Grover). I particularly remember the Ladybug Picnic,so when this came up on my reader I had to have a look and I remember this…Strange? Not Joan La Barbara, lets’ make that clear. It’s just all these years later I have finally discovered who created the wonderful vocal soundtrack to my early life…pretty cool.

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My dear friend Koen just sent this to me, via our mutual friend Byron, in response to my post on Joan La Barbara. Thanks to them both. I have a palpable memory of the sequence, and particularly the sound, from childhood, but haven’t seen it since. It’s a wonderful fragment from a time when experimental music bled into the mainstream, and planted its seeds in us all.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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