INTERVIEW REBLOG – Furchick (an interview with the dog loving moonboot wearing experimentalist)

Everything you wanted to know about Furchick courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks.

Yeah I Know It Sucks


Woof Woof!

^ KN (your interviewer) at the dog park ^ KN (your interviewer) at the dog park

KN: Hello and welcome dear readers, as you can see I’m at a Dog Park. I came here with my dogs not just to play, but to actually meet one of the people who run this place (the director is Trevor who happens to be a dog) …
I say people, but it’s probably better to say her real name; Furchick! She is a music and sound maker of the experimental order, making sounds in particular ways with a ton of creativity and a bucket full of ‘don’t give a fucks’. Well I’m not so sure about Furchick not giving fucks, but that’s why we have arranged this interview… To get to know a bit of the real Furchick, or simply just have a nice conversation going on.. If that’s possible between all the dogs running and barking that is……

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