REVIEW REBLOG – Kate Carr ~ I had myself a nuclear spring

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a closer listen

nuclear boxNo stranger to creative formatting, sound artist Kate Carr has just released her latest work on a USB flash drive, housed in an aluminum tin.  While it may suggest smuggled secrets from Spectre, these recorded sounds are meant to be shared.

On the surface, the album is about the Seine, but in this case, the river is viewed from an unusual angle.  As Carr puts it, the landscape is “almost apocalyptic.”  She continues, “These muddy marshes filled with buzzing electrical towers, corroded machinery, shrieking birds and canals feeding a nuclear complex were like nothing I had ever seen.”  Local electromagnetism made even hydroponic recordings difficult, as heard in the ghostly, feedback-laden “The darkness of riverbeds”.

Carr presents a mixture of field recordings and light musical adornment ~ a guitar line here, a subdued beat there.  The sources of the electronics are harder to discern, as they may have been born…

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