REVIEW REBLOG – Imogen Heap: Sparks – Album Review

Couple of different things tonight…Thanks and Courtesy to PonDeWayWayWay for the reviews

Pon De Way Way Way

I’m going to be honest and say from the start that this review underwent a complete overhaul right at the last minute. Originally I tried to look at how fans and casual listeners would view Imogen Heap’s latest album but, as I am myself a diehard fan, that became too difficult. What I concluded in that draft was that, for the casual listener, the success of the album rests on how they deal with what is, really, a rather fractured listen. Imogen’s new protracted approach to making an album has resulted in a release that lacks the sonic or thematic cohesion that would usually draw the songs on an album together. If you’re a fan whose followed the run-up to Sparks though this probably won’t prove to be a stumbling block because you’ll know about the projects that accompanied most songs. As a soundtrack to Imogen’s adventures over the last…

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