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a closer listen

WoodyRNBWAs colorful as the rainbow of the title, RNBW is a joyous clash of genres: dance, drone, ethereal, industrial, and even noise.  Refreshingly original, this debut full-length does much to reflect its inspiration: “the full spectrum of who we are.”

Modern associations one may make when considering the album are likely incorrect.  According to Catherine Woodcock, the moniker started as a nickname, then mutated into a meld of alphabet and binary language: “it is not necessarily male or female, which is very freeing.”  This RNBW hearkens back to a 70s metaphor for the rainbow, having less to do with gender and/or sexuality and more with pure expression.

“Never hesitate to be who you are,” sings W00DY on “Never Hesitate”, one of the album’s key tracks.  Her voice is stuttered and echoes into a vast drone, which subsequently gives way to bass, beat and squelch, reminiscent of the dub/trip-hop blends of…

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