Interview with Mica Levi

Here is Mica Levi talking to Headphone Commute about, amongst other things, the humanness in music and to prove it here is her remix of Bjork – Lionsong

Headphone Commute

Mica LeviMica Levi, known by her stage name Micachu is an English composer who has recently come into our spotlight with her amazing soundtrack for Under The Skin. If you’re anywhere around Los Angeles, be sure to catch Mica on January 6th (7:00pm and 10:00pm shows) for a live screening of Under The Skin with Mica and a 25-piece orchestra (Wild Up! Orchestra + Wordless Music Orchestra) at The Regent Theater.

Hi, Mica. How are you and where are you these days?
I’m good, thanks. I’m in London – hope you are well.

So this was your very first soundtrack, right? How different was the composition process from all of your past experience?
It was very different because it was very long and the music had to find its own pace and style or language to suit the film. Throwing everything you got at it – it eventually cuts…

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