Crossfaders: DJ documentary NYC & Stockholm 2002

Some salient points in this video and food for thought.
Courtesy to Gavana and Anaya.

Gavana & Anaya

In this documentary from 2002, Gavana (Anna Gavanas) interviews DJs in Stockholm and New York about their DJ passions as well as their views on gender issues in the DJ scenes. Among the participants: Mutamassik, Tara Rodgers, Anaya (Anna Öström) and Rekha. (partly in Swedish, but you’ll get the drift). The documentary, where also Lejla from Sister SF is interviewed, inspired Gavana & Anaya to start Sister Sthlm in 2003, which in its turn inspired Sister Uppsala and Sister Gbg.

Music by Mutamassik, Killahurtz, Gothan Project, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Ian Pooley & Silicon Soul.

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