Another excellent review of ‘DJ Culture in the Mix’!

Thought that I would highlight books as I came across them on my travels and this would be a slightly different place to start. The review can be found here –
Also, discovered the website Dancecult so thanks to Gavana and Anaya for this discovery.

Gavana & Anaya

in Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

“As we have seen, the authors included in this collection approach DJ culture from various critical perspectives that manage to challenge laymen’s beliefs and media accounts, which are often inaccurate even when they don’t take either of the two extreme forms of moral panics or glorification.”

“To conclude, this is a collection of (mostly) original contributions that succeeds in capturing the dynamic nature of both DJ culture and EDM.”

Carli Nardi, Rhodes university (South Africa)

DJ Culture in the Mix 2013 DJ Culture in the Mix: Power, Technologies and Social Change in Electronic Dance Music

Editors: Bernardo AttiasAnna Gavanas and Hillegonda Rietveld 

Chapters by Bernardo Attias, Anna Gavanas, Hillegonda Reitveld, Johanna Paulsson, Chris Christodoulou, Kai Fikentscher, Mirko M. Hall, Tim Lawrence and 

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