PoL # 24 Walking with Crickets

Points of Listening

With Lisa Hall
Date: Wednesday April 13th, 2016
Time: 18:30 (approx end: 20:00)
Venue: London College of Communication (Meet at front reception: directions)
Free with limited capacity
To reserve a place please email: markpeterwright@gmail.com


A sound walk with crickets to explore the city.

This session takes as its starting point a sonic trend which began in China over 1000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty – that of keeping crickets for their song. While mainly kept in the home or garden, the crickets were also carried around in small gourds, concealed in clothes and worn like a portable music player. It is thought that the practice, started by the royal family, began in order to bring company and comfort to the listener. The trend quickly caught on and became a popular pastime practiced widely in society, and it continues to this day.

For this Points of Listening session we…

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