Yôko Higashi – Dzera

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Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Yôko Higashi
title: Dzera
keywords: electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic, experimental, pop, France
reviewer: Willem van O.

Copy and pasted from the artist bandcamp page for informational exchange:
Yôko Higashi – hamaYoko (born in Japan) is a performer,
vocalist, butoh dancer based in Lyon, France.

Dzera is a track of around 8 minutes, if Google translate can be trusted it was made out of improvisations, in the image of Dzerassae , a legendary fallen goddess named Nartes… Yes, I know.. I have no idea what it means too; but you know the French language sometimes can be L’horrible for non-French speaking and reading people / or lacking google translators. So let’s listen to a language everyone in the world could understand; music… Or maybe even better: Sound.

Yôko Higashi’s Dzera comes to me across as an unreal world,
a soundscape in which the air to inhale has made way for…

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