MNM at the ZKM

Sometimes whilst wandering around the web I caught in it and come across blogs that catch my eye. Here is a recent discovery, Alan Gleesons’ sound art blog. I came across it quite by accident and glad I did as there are lots of eclectic posts which I will be reposting here, starting with this…

Alan Gleeson

While the R&D for Feeedback5 moves ahead with lots of exciting developments MNM has been out on tour, this time to the ZKM in Karlsruhe. MNM is conceptualized & directed by Christian Graupner/Humatic and features Mieko Suzuki & Ming Poon. The software has been programmed by João Pais with the support of Musical Interaction Team at IRCAM Centre Pompidou / Norbert Schnell with tech & music collaboration from myself. While it has been displayed in the past as an standalone installation we have also developed a stage version, which is what we performed at the ZKM last week, with DJ Meiko Suzuki at the controls.

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