Soldering with Nina Richards

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Yorkshire Sound Women Network

Yorkshire Sound Women Network: 1st workshop

“Learn to solder and create a simple noise toy”
August 8th at 10am with Nina Richards

Learn to solder and create a noise toy using a specially designed printed circuit board: “if you’re into synthesisers… it’s an inexpensive way of getting into them, and you learn a bit as you go”.

Nina Richards has been soldering since she was 8 years old, which is probably why she now has such an intuitive feel for electronics. Though she spent time away from electronics while working in software Nina returned to it 5 years ago and now she builds synthesizers in her spare time. Designing, building and selling Stepper Acid. She has assembled over 100 Stepper Acids, and we don’t know how many joints that is… but it’s a lot! Almost 5,000 LEDs for a start!


Level: absolute beginner
Age: 16+ All women
Bing: Nothing needed. All equipment…

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