Furchick and friends – Hung out to dry

Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for this review. Well worth visiting the site for quirky and relaxed reviews and very eclectic.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Furchick and friends
title: Hung out to dry
keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, field recordings, noise, punk, weird, London
label: Fag Ash Records

Furchick is at the moment working hard to burn her latest albums on CD’s in preperation for a massive upcoming world tour. Tomorrow she will be hitting Melbourne by storm, then New York City. Cincinnati. London. Berlin. Arnhem.. maybe even Rotterdam and Amsterdam… In the wait for Furchick to hit the stage in a place near you, it is a good idea to get hyped up and enjoy her freely available album ‘Hung out to dry’. It’s an album in which Furchick teamed up with like minded freaks to create… well.. to create this ‘Hung out to dry’ audio adventure! Let’s take a look at the tracks available (or if you want to skip that and dive straight in; check the link at the bottom!)…

The moon…

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