Final Sound Installation – Hayley Wanless

I have enjoyed reading about the process of creating Sound Art work from the point of view of a new artist – discovering the processes involved both practical and creatively.

Hayley Wanless

Working within a space with 6 speakers has allowed me to find what works best with the space and equipment. Without access to this facility I believe my work would have suffered. The space allowed me to create the spacial effect that I wish to have when installing my work.

I have used Trial 8 and created a tempo fade up and down. The piece is split into 3 parts which all run after one another. The first is Trial 8 without any background noise. The Second is Trial 8 with Rain at Night Gamma background noise and the Third is Trial 8 with Bus Journey Theta background noise. I chose Rain at Night and Bus Journey because of their relation to solitude even if we are surrounded by sounds or people. We generally listen to sounds around us when we are alone, we listen to peoples conversations when we…

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