New Label: Ventil Records

Courtesy of A Closer Listen.

a closer listen

VentilThose who only know Peter Kutin from last year’s excellent sound collage Burmese Days may be surprised at the sound of the new label founded by Kutin and Peter Kindlinger.  Only one of the first two releases is field recording related, and even the untreated Decomposition morphs into an electronic work by the time it has ended.  But only a few years ago, both were part of the quartet dirac, whose drone-like, single-track album Phon is still one of our favorites.  In Kutin / Kindlinger / Kubisch, the participants’  names are no longer obscured.  The label’s other preliminary project, Ventil, hides the names of drummer Katharina Ernst and visual artist Conny Zenk, but we suspect it would have been confusing to call the quartet Kutin / Kindlinger / Ernst / Zenk.

ventil 1This latter trio is responsible for the label’s first release, a wise move as the name of the…

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