the unknowable transforming point 181/185

Something Different for the Sunday Mix today.

the karpestra dairies

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

Modern pianists

about pieces
my computer
packed it’s case
and vanished
my modern pianists
in it’s entire no 1
can’t rewind this

Monster parking

Light on the windows
cars and street
right eye light fail
night bright lights on
crisp sure sound from the back street
and birds loftly whistling
and can I park in front of your drive for 10 minutes
be back soon and on
and on monster parking
another light grey evening
no sound and feel of weathered storm
can climb canter crab running sideways
under thought
look and justify immediate vision
travel out into the other room
hot heat blinds drawn and curtains open
pillow a certain breeze
the piano blue was small and didn’t stay in tune
6 hours a day
ricordi deal hire
fell off someone’s edge teaching appassionata
then little…

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