Actions and Sound

Courtesy of Hayley Wanless for this post that contains appraisals of soundart from Laurie Anderson and Janet Cardiff.

Hayley Wanless

Whilst visiting the ‘Listening’ exhibition at the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery and the Site Gallery I thought about how our actions interact and alter sound. The space is curated by Sam Belinfante and the exhibition shows us that listening is not solely through the ears but is also through the functions within our brain.

My favourite piece was Laurie Anderson’s ‘The Handphone Table’ (1978). Anderson’s work causes you to interact with the piece with your whole body. I sat down at the table and placed my elbows on the table top with my hands covering my ears and could feel the sound vibrate through my body. The sound cannot be heard until you touch the piece with your body. At one end of the table the sound was vocal tones and the other end was musical tones. This work was extremely interesting and made me think of how our interactions with…

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