Modified sitar + tabla machine – ‘Freudian Feedback’ (Poulomi Desai) meets ‘Turtlebox’ (Dushume)


‘Freudian Feedback’ (modified sitar + tabla) + ‘Turtlebox’ (hand-made instrument) at the Noise Colloquium – University of Greenwich 22 March 2015.
© Poulomi Desai and Dushume (aka Amit Patel)

The University of Greenwich hosted a two-day colloquium to explore noise as a concept that embraces the expressive, the idea of noise as a resistance and, through mutating repetition, a catalyst for creative production. Other speakers and performers included David Toop, Nicolas Collins (Art Institute of Chicago), Atau Tanaka (Goldsmiths University), Andrew Hill, Stephen Kennedy, Ian Thompson (University of Greenwich) Melanie Clifford, Sarah Sparkes, Rie Nakajima and Dirty Electronics.

Special thanks to John Richards (Dirty Electronics) and Andrew Hill (University of Greenwich).

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