My Home, Sinking ~ Sleet

Courtesy of A Closer Listen.
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a closer listen

sleet 2The surprising thing about Sleet is how warm it sounds, considering its title.  This is the second winter-themed release from My Home, Sinking, both released in May, when garlands and dances around the maypole are more in fashion.  Instead of capturing the feeling of sleet, it captures the feeling of sleet outside when all is safe and warm inside, a group of friends trading stories in dialogue and lyrical song while softly playing the instruments they have brought to the house.

The lineup has changed slightly since the self-titled debut.  This is still Enrico Coniglio’s baby, but apart from Coniglio, only Katie English (cello) appears on both works.  Their interplay still counts for a uniformity of sound.  But new moments stand out here, especially those in which one or two instruments act in twain: the guitar and vibraphone, joined by light drums on “Chains”; the field recordings, vinyl…

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