Karin Park: Apocalypse Pop – Album Review

Courtesy of Pon De Way Way Way

Pon De Way Way Way

Karin Park’s Highwire Poetry was one of my favourite albums of 2012, an unexpected gem of a pop album. Despite that being her fourth album it was, at the time, the only one readily available in England and thus the only real contact I had with her music. With the singles Shine and Look What You’ve Done (not to mention the track she penned for Noway’s 2013 Eurovision entry) offering the same idiosyncratic electro-pop with a new spin (one a atmospheric almost-ballad the other a rip-roaring percussion led track) my appetite for her next offering was well and truly whetted.

When Apocalypse Pop finally arrived (issues with an online supplier left me waiting an extra fortnight) my reaction to it was surprisingly subdued. Now that I’ve taken the time to write this review I think my disappointment can only stem from having unfair expectations because, by all assessments, Apocalypse Pop is…

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