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Courtesy of A Closer Listen.

a closer listen

cover“The future is geopolitical,” declares Holly Herndon in her video for “Interference.”  Or perhaps “declares” is the wrong term, as the words on the screen are not part of the song.  Metahaven’s video also includes blank ads, miming the boxes that interfere with our enjoyment of videos; in similar fashion, folds of cloth interfere with our view of Herndon, while the music is comprised of fragments as tattered as the filmed flag.

Herndon provides fans with much to unpack: layers of meaning shrouded in mysterious vocal snippets, glued to shards of electronic beats and notes.  There’s indeed a geopolitical tone to her speeches and interviews, in which she shifts from spokesperson to superstar, attempting to remain both outside and inside the system.  Her public persona is an outgrowth of her compositional persona, as she comments and soundtracks, attacks and glides.  The smooth surfaces and gleaming edges of her music lend…

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