Step Right Up: Paper Dollhouse

Courtesy of Fractured Air


Interview with Astrud Steehouder & Nina Bosnic, Paper Dollhouse.

“I feel like the experience and the record took us on a journey, like it had an intention with us rather than the other way round.”

—Nina Bosnic

Words: Mark Carry

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I recall first discovering Paper Dollhouse sometime in 2012. The mesmerizing debut album ‘A Box Painted Black’– released on Bird Records, an offshoot from UK’s Finders Keepers Records in 2011 – carved a unique world of cinematic homespun folk creations that contained haunting vocals, acoustic guitar, found sounds, electronic manipulations and slide projector as seamless textures embedded the dark minimal gothic folk framework. Paper Dollhouse began as the alias for London-based artist Astrud Steehouder that would later evolve into a collaborative project with visual artist Nina Bosnic. The resultant sound is masterfully captured on the group’s utterly transcendent sophomore full-length release ‘Aeonflower’, which retains the dense…

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