Matana Roberts ~ Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee

Courtesy of A Closer Listen.

a closer listen

CST110cover_900pxCoin Coin Chapter Three is one of the best albums of 2015.  How do we know this already?  Because in the modern era, there has never been a year in which ten albums were better than this one.  Matana Roberts is a true original, and this album is a true original; there’s nothing else like it on the market.  It’s not even like the last two installments of the 12-chapter series.  This may confound recommendation engines, which may pick up hints of Gil Scott-Heron or The Last Poets, but otherwise be thwarted.

The deep, bluesy jazz of Coin Coin Chapter One:  Gens de Couleur Libres (2011) is nearly absent here, sublimated into hints and mirages.  But gone also are that album’s plaintive, out of control screams (“Pov Piti” – ouch!), reduced to a single, soft, off-key “come away with me” late in the album.  The big band that made…

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