PREMIERE: Linear Bells & Sound Awakener – Belonging to the Infinity [Soft]

Courtesy of Stationary Travels.

Stationary Travels

The newest release on Soft Recordings brings together Linear Bells, the primary musical alias of label founder David Teboul, and Sound Awakener, the solo music project of Vietnamese experimental sound artist Nhung Nguyen.  The album is called Belonging to the Infinity and will be released April 19.

There is a strong spirit of collaboration among the artists of the ambient genre and it is always especially enjoyable when two or more join creative forces to forge something new that still manages to accentuate the best of their respective styles.  Belonging to the Infinity does just that.

Teboul’s vivid dronescapes and resonant cello blend with Nguyen’s avant-garde leaning sonic explorations to create a collection of rich musical tapestries that live up to the album’s title as they simultaneously achieve both a sense of timelessness and modernity.  Indeed it is an album of captivating contrasts and juxtapositions.  Earthy and otherworldly. Delicate and bold.  Expansive and intricate…

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