Rachael Finney

Courtesy of Ekho, Women in Sonic Art

:::::::::::: Ekho :::::::::::: Women in Sonic Art

Rachael Finney is an artist and lecturer based in London.  Working primarily with sound, video and performance her work explores the material qualities of voice. She is currently undertaking her PhD within the department of Visual and Aural Culture at Goldsmiths College where her research focuses on phenomenology and vocal multiplicity. www.rachaelfinney.com

Submission to ‘Ekho:: Toward a Repetitive Sounding of Difference’

“Interested in voice and repetition Dining Room (2014) explores the performative formation of collective utterance from a singular subject. While walking the parameter of her parents recently vacated dining room the artist simultaneously utters and records a singular, flat note. This single note is echoed back into the space through an amplifier at the same moment a new note is being uttered. This action is repeated until a full circle of the space has been completed.  As the constant looping of the utterance occurs the listener is presented with…

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