MUTEK 2015 – Teaser [part one]

Headphone Commute

Mutek Banner

There are more than a few things that I love about MUTEK. The first is its host city, Montreal, which I happily continue to visit in the warm month of May. Its multilingual crowd, eclectic boutiques, diverse cuisine and beautiful architecture offer plenty of opportunities to explore the grounds during the daytime. The festival itself is sponsored by multiple Canadian government entities, and this association breaks down many financial barriers, allowing the festival to bloom to its full potential. Many of the events this year (just like the year before) will be held at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) which is an absolutely incredible venue, elevating the prestige of the programming well above the rest. And finally it is, of course, the audio-visual performances, showcasing many of the world renown artists, as well as a fantastic roster of Canadian musicians awaiting to be discovered by you!

I recall my experience from…

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