Denise Burt – Seeing New Music (Elevator Design)

Another interesting article from Headphone Commute about the creative process in cd cover design.

Headphone Commute

Seeing New MusicOver the last 10 years, Copenhagen-based graphic designer Denise Burt has been on a unique discovery of contemporary classical music through her work designing covers for hundreds of art music releases. In Seeing New Music she tells, from a personal viewpoint, the stories behind the creation of 24 of her CD designs. She also explains how – starting out as a music novice – she learnt to enquire and engage with the ideas behind the often complex music, in order to create more meaningful designs. The following is an excerpt from the introduction in this book, subtitledContemporary classical music through the eyes of a graphic designer, which I felt compelled to share with you.Republished with permission.

Just because I’m a graphic designer working with new music, don’t think that I’m an expert in classical music. I’m a graphic designer for a reason – my tendency is towards visual…

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