Spring Music Preview: The Next 100

Phew, what a list…Some great female artists in there.

a closer listen

hot air balloonThe musical branches have begun to bloom.  With over 100 spring titles already announced, 2015 continues on pace to be one of the best years in recent memory.  From fascinating frontrunners to left-field surprises, we’ve got your guide to what’s next.  As usual, if you just want the sounds, head straight to our News page; but for a more in-depth look, stay right here.  We’ve made top picks in each category and provided links to every release; this article is your one-stop shop for spring music!


Rich’s Pick:  Strië ~ Struktura (Serein, 6 April)
Iden Reinhart’s third winning album takes up where 2012’s Õhtul left off, but is even more abstract than its predecessor.  Given its inspiration – the paintings that lend the tracks their titles – this comes as no surprise.  The joy is in the matching of art and sound.  Hints of lost violin passages, stray…

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