The Sounds of International Women’s Day 2015

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SUNDAY, 8th MARCH was International Women’s Day and a large number of events took place in Paris to mark the day.

To mark la Journée internationale de la femme last year I went to the Marie Curie Museum in the 5th arrondissement where there was an exhibition in the garden of the museum of photographic portraits celebrating the careers of prominent women, past and present, who worked or are currently working in the fields of science and medicine. You can see my report about that exhibition here.

To mark the day this year, I thought I would do something completely different!


I arrived in Place de la République on Sunday afternoon to record the sights and sounds of my first manifestation of the year, the Paris contribution to the Marche Mondiale des Femmes 2015.

International Women’s Day - République

It was a very lively and good-natured manifestation and although both women…

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